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About our brand


Our Approach


All of products are crafted exclusively from only the finest cannabis grown organically outdoors the way nature had intended. We work hand-in-hand with the best cultivators in the EMERALD TRIANGLE to give you products with the best THC, cannabinoid, and terpene profiles on the market.

Our extra virgin full spectrum extract process creates an uncompromising strain specific representation of the cannabinoid and terpene profile.


 We want consumers to be able to enjoy quality product at an affordable price. Our prices are unmatched in the industry due to our unique facility design. Our extraction facility, distribution facility and testing center are all located in the same business park. That means we can keep our costs low and our product as fresh as possible. 


 We are proud to say we offer the largest variety of strains on the market for live resin. 


 Coming Soon! 


 Featuring one of the most influential strains in cannabis history 

About Us

Coming Soon!!!


The best Distillate comes from the purest flowers grown in the Emerald Triangle Sun!

Live Resin!


Pk Farms is famous for our Live Resin THCA sauce!!  Our "Sauce" is harvested from live flower right off the farm for a pure, natural taste and high THC content.

Special Edition Flower release


PK Farms is releasing our "Special Edition", Flowers soon!! Beautiful buds, quality taste and only Sun grown, like nature intended it to be.